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Here, your work matters. Your skills, ideas and personality should play a role in your career and your future. At Caterpillar, you can explore endless global opportunities and job roles, all within one company. As you collaborate with talented peers, producing innovative ideas and technologies, you’ll make a difference doing work that matters—to you and the world.

Our internships and development programs are a terrific opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience and contribute to real-world projects. Whether it be ground breaking products, best in class solutions or a lifelong career, you can build what matters to you. With offices and facilities in more than 180 countries, what you create at Caterpillar travels and helps people around the world. You will collaborate with the best minds in the industry, complete meaningful work and continuously develop and grow.




A career at Caterpillar helps you redefine the industry for future generations of female engineers.

Our success depends on having the top talent, and gender balance in the workplace is an important way we will build the best team possible. Research even shows that companies that achieve gender balance, especially at leadership levels, yield more positive results. This issue matters to both men and women and is essential to the fulfillment of our company’s values on a global scale. When women play a vital role at Caterpillar, the whole company wins.   


As part of our continuous journey toward impacting gender balance, we’re a proud member of the Society for Women Engineer’s Corporate Partnership Council (CPC). Along with our fellow CPC companies, we support SWE in creating opportunities for women engineers and technologists and promoting diversity and inclusion in the engineering and technology workforce.


SWE provides programming and resources that help us empower our global employees – women and men. Our employees that are active members indicate the networking, professional development and outreach opportunities gained through SWE have been beneficial to their career development. SWE also provides a critical recruiting pipeline of talent for Caterpillar. Students that participate in SWE sections have the opportunity to develop leadership skills that will serve them well in future roles.





You are part of a future generation of world builders eager to learn and to drive our businesses forward – and you should have every reason to believe that anyone can do any job with the right amount of passion, dedication and expertise.

At Caterpillar, we believe each person is unique and valued, and are committed to ensuring that our workplace is diverse and representative of the many customers we serve around the globe. We strive to celebrate and empower the people who do what it takes to move our world forward no matter their gender, appearance or background. We will call out the opportunity to eliminate gender bias in the industries we serve.

We are proud to call home to 14 vibrant, active Employee Resource Groups, including our highly engaged Women’s Initiative Network. Employee Resource Groups connect you with dedicated employees around the globe who share similar life experiences or interests. These groups provide opportunities for your personal and professional development, and they help drive innovation, too.





A career with Caterpillar means working for a leader in automation and autonomy, with the ability to see your ideas become reality.


Miners are looking for new ways to optimize operations. Automation is key to reducing variability and increasing productivity. Caterpillar is focused on being a partner beyond the iron, helping our global customers optimize operations at every level – from machines to individual sites to the complete mining enterprise. We collaborate in developing solutions that combine products, technologies, analytics and other services, growing peak efficiency, boosting productivity and keeping people safe.


Autonomous haulage fleets improve productivity by 30 percent or more compared to best-in-class manned sites. We have more than 225 autonomous trucks in service, and in 2018 achieved over 1 billion tonnes hauled. These trucks have traveled over 50 million kilometers without a single lost-time injury.




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